- the virtual citizenship of Venice

Venice is a physical space, which is characterised by very particular environmental conditions and by an inevitable historical heritage, but it is also a “mind space” which transcends the permanence of its territory. Venice can and should “adopt” its visitors while at the same time “letting itself be adopted by them”.
The web community seeks to convolve people who are or who have been in contact with Venice, people who are attentive and take interest in Venice’s development and the particular solutions that concerns it:
- Advanced tourists
- All those that participate or have participated in the organising of the continual events of the city (exhibitions, cinema, theatre & conferences)
- Non-residents who own residential property in the city
- All those who, while residing in other parts of the world, have maintained a symbolic tie to the city where they once lived or worked.
As a first step towards the construction of the community the site has been started along with a newsletter service for those who we have defined as “stakeholders of Venice”. The newsletter will be distributed by e-mail four times a year and it will serve as an instrument of information, updating and interaction for its receivers. The publications will operate within a number of selected themes:
- Main feature
- Projects
- Tours
- Processes
- Virtual citizenship
- Venice elsewhere
- Venice in numbers These themes will be developed continuously on the basis of the feedback coming from the participants in the web community.

WIFI and free-access to the internet for residents, workers and students
The realization of such innovative project is promoted by the municipality through the activity of the controlled company Venis (Venis Informatics and systems). The implementation of the project was started through the application of web 2.0 informatics technologies to the municipalities (...)
Monday 27 July 2009
From 31 August to 17 September will take place the first Venetian edition of Subway-literature: 500,000 copies of unpublished short stories and poems by young Italian writers will be distributed for free through several “literary jukeboxes” set at the main ACTV stops of the vaporetti, the Venetian public boats.
The ACTV stops of: Piazzale Roma, Stazione, Rialto, San Tomà, San Marco Vallaresso, San Zaccaria, Giudecca/Palanca, Giardini Biennale, Lido S. M. Elisabetta, Lido Casinò, will become for three weeks floating bookshops where the users of the vaporetti will be able to get from the “literary (...)
Wednesday 27 September 2006
The Venice Forum took place at Palazzo Ducale on the 22 and 23 of June
The Venice Forum will become permanent space and laboratory of dialogue on European themes, with a special reference to the “going towards East” theme, with interlocutors who are representative of institutions, economy, politics, universities of all around Europe, with the will to identify (...)
Tuesday 5 September 2006
VeniceChannel broadcasts since March 2006
The last 13 March it has been presented at the Triennale of Milan VeniceChannel, the first television channel and production company for tv programs and DVD’s, completely made in HD (High Definition) with the aim of promoting and diffusing all around the world the cultural, territorial and (...)
Friday 21 July 2006
Useful, but not only, resources regarding Venice on the web
Entering the word Venice in the most famous seach engine on the Internet, around four million and one hundred thousand results will appear, coming from every corner of the web, written in every language and about every field of human knowledge. The greatness of our city is even this. And in (...)
Tuesday 3 May 2005
Francesco Sbetti interviews Giuseppe Roma, general manager of VELA spa, a company belonging to the ACTV group
FS-Venice is always described as a fragile city needing a lot of attentions, and these attentions are certainly something that has to be given from all those who administer all the complex tasks that each city, Venice included, has to fulfil every day. To ensure people’s mobility is definitely (...)
Monday 21 March 2005
The idea of Venice The ‘refoundation’ in romantic terms of the idea of Venice as a city that «can be compared just with itself », enchanted site of an immaterial, unique experience, is already fully included in Goethe. The chapter about Venice taken from his book Italian Journey begins with these (...)
Thursday 21 October 2004
From tourists to Stakeholders
Venice does not speak to its admirers, to its infinite numbers of fans who in more or less disciplined procession, present themselves to its countenance to breathe in its myth, letting themselves be shrouded by the languorous atmospheres of its legend. It allows itself to be seen, to be (...)
Wednesday 21 July 2004
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