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A home in Venice for Corto Maltese
Cannaregio, 5394/B, Rio Terà dei Biri - 30121 Venice

Some comic characters just exist outside time, heroes that never age and that have a stable connection with the imaginative world surrounding them: Corto Maltese is one of them. He was created by the creativity of Hugo Pratt – master of comic drawing in Italy and abroad – at the peek of his artistic career. The character debuted (1957) in the serial Una ballata del mare salato (Ballad of the Salt Sea that marked the passage to a new type of comics (graphic novel): it narrated the adventures of an intriguing figure, a man dressed with a captain uniform, wearing a hat, a golden earring at his left ear, endowed with a thirst for adventure and a noble heart. The Home of Corto Maltese – created by Emanuela Marchesani, a great admirer of this figure – is not only dedicated to this special character and his creator but also aims to become an involving and pleasant place. The public will be allowed to learn in an amusing way; visitors will enter an environment that’s not meant to be passive and austere but, on the contrary, to actively communicate the contents it safeguards: therefore it will also address new, non-traditional categories of audience, with new skills and interests. Workshops and aesthetical experiences shall be organized at the core of creative activities reflecting the spirit of adventure that characterized the figure of Corto Maltese. The House will also host other guest artists, including Guido Fuga and Lele Vianello, two historical colleagues of Pratt. On the 6th and 7th of August, a group of «Cree» indians will be hosted by the House and carry out a ritual dance performance, wearing tribal costumes and playing drums. (For further information: tel. 041 5233325;;

[ Publication date: 2 September 2011 ]

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