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The Foundation aims to set going and to promote research on a scientific and social ground, in order to protect and to make the most of the environment and of the artistic and historic heritage of the venetian society. For this purpose, the Foundation does activity of study, research and planning in the field of industrial, cultural, scientific and leisure time activity in the Venice area, undertaking all the initiatives necessary and/or convenient to the fulfilment of its aim, also through cooperation with other national and international Institutions.

In order to succeed in the above mentioned object the Foundation may draw up covenants and/or collaboration agreements with all public and private, national and international subjects who have an interest, even if just occasional, in the safeguard and development of Venice; it may also do all the movable, immovable and financial acts and transactions that will be useful or necessary to the aim.

During the 90’s, the main object was oriented on the will to involve different bodies, active inside the city in various ways, into taking responsibilities for important issues regarding the city’s economic life, first of all the demographic decay in the historical center and the growing lack of balance between the role of Venice and the more intense development of the North-East region. The initiatives taken year after year to investigate these issues gave rise to specific interests on behalf of local administrations and of the academic and entrepreneurial milieu, so that it is now possible to think about planning tasks of a more advanced level compared to that of mere cultural prick.

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[ Publication date: 23 June 2004 ]

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Fondazione Venezia 2000