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The Masterplan for Venice Expo 2015 is a historical itinerary, natural, cultural and alternative media which joins those linked to "classic"Venice, going to the rediscovery of the origins and therefore the potential of a great civilization like that of the Serenissima Republic. A project that (...)
Monday 5 May 2014
Only temporary residences for megapolitan nomads?
If we ask Venetians “what is the city you want?” Many people report issues regarding the residence/liveableness/possibility of living in Venice. If this one is the most sensible issue for who wants to live in Venice, an issue raising high social tensions and linked to other issues such as job and (...)
Thursday 19 May 2011
“Venice is a city built on hundreds of bridges: the work made by the Committee Expo Venice represents a bridge to China and certainly also to Milan” Raffaele Speranzon, the Assessor for Tourism of the Province, used this metaphor to describe the role played by Venice (and by the Committee Expo) (...)
Thursday 13 January 2011
Web site and logo of Venice application for the Olympic games 2020
“Venice as a capital” is both a reality and an inspiration. It implies existing and evolving territorial, social and economic patterns and a fascinating as well as ambitious vision for the future that is not completely outlined yet. “Venice as a capital” is the attempt to overcome the strong (...)
Tuesday 26 January 2010
Venice is running to be European Culture Capital in 2019
For some time now, an extremely fragmented territory as the Northeast has been seeking for stronger connecting elements than the merely material ones represented by its infrastructures. The infinite city seems to have understood that without elements of significance the local future looks more (...)
Monday 19 October 2009
The definition of the metropolitan area of Venice
OECD, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development was founded after World War II to develop economic cooperation and coordination strategies between European countries. Between the goals of the OECD program was mainly to encourage the best management of the American financial aid (...)
Wednesday 6 May 2009
Resulting conclusions from the meeting held at the Fondazione di Venezia on 25 June 2008.
Venetian municipal authorities have been extremely involved in developing Information technologies projects and solutions to deal with the territory necessities. “Amministrare 2.0”, “//Venice > connected” or “Dematerializzare 2.0” are some examples of these projects. Such initiatives show the (...)
Wednesday 27 August 2008
The conceptual part of the project MUME is starting, now that the real-estate phase is over
On the 20th of April the public call for offers organized by Provincia of Venice officially ended with the alienation of the 2.200 squared meters building situated in Via Pascoli in Mestre. The building has been sold to the Fondazione di Venezia, who paid it 5 million euros. The site has been (...)
Thursday 31 May 2007
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